Welcome to Nona Students!

Nona Students is our Middle and High School Ministry. Join us for our Sunday night gathering to experience Christian community, fun games, biblical teaching, and musical worship. This is a great place to connect with God and with new friends. 

We are excited to launch this ministry, weekly, this coming August at the Lake Nona YMCA! Stay tuned for further updates on meeting times. In the meantime, there are lots of fun opportunities coming up for middle and high schoolers to connect with each other and their leaders. Check them out below!

Nona Students Summer Events

Orlando Outreach '18

Orlando Outreach is a mission trip to Orlando, a thought provoking youth retreat, and an opportunity to make a difference in the people of Orlando’s lives! From 11:00am Monday, July 30th until 1:45pm on Friday, August 3rd we will be partnering with Vista Church during the 9th annual Orlando Outreach.

During this week, we will have the opportunity to invest in students lives, push them to step out of their comfort zone, engage with God, and build great relationships as we join God’s mission here in Orlando.

The theme of Orlando Outreach ‘18 is “HAVEN”. God is our Haven. He is our fortress and safe place. Join us this year as we seek out what God will do if we give Him our week and our lives. You can find more details about the week as well as register down below! (Note: this event is for completed 6th-12th graders.)


7/11 - Decades Skate Night
7/30-8/3 - Orlando Outreach

*Students will meet on a weekly basis in both small and large groups that are lead by our Student Ministry Staff and a team of gifted and passionate leaders.  Every leader in our Nona Students team has been trained and undergoes a background check before serving with our teens. 

* Interested in serving with NONASTUDENTS? Email jenn@nonachurch.com with the subject: Serve with Students. 

* Interested in joining the new NONASTUDENTS worship team? Email lauro@nonachurch.com with the subject: Serve with Worship.

Contact our Student Ministry Staff: 

Jenn Stoltzfus | Director | jenn@nonachurch.com

Lauro Soto | Worship | lauro@nonachurch.com